Arlen Roth IridiumLive CD
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September 25, 2012


Arlen Roth and the Cordobas

Produced and Mixed by Doug Yoel

IridiumLive 003 - 2.29.12

IridiumLive! 003 / UPC - 850749004025
Release Date: 9.25.12
* LIMITED EDITION - HANDMADE CD RUN! Made at the Iridium immediately following the show. Only 200 pressed!

Within the international guitar community, Arlen Roth's name is uttered in the hushed, reverent tones reserved for the true greats - six-string legends like Jeff Beck, Ry Cooder and the late Danny Gatton. Even the renowned acoustic fingerpicker Paul Simon once took lessons from Roth to sharpen his skills on the instrument. No wonder Vintage Guitar magazine ranked him as one of the Top 100 Influential Guitarists of the Century.

"IridiumLive 003 - 2.29.12" captures Roth & his touring band at their best, blazing through highlights from his repertoire, and incredible takes on classics "House of the Rising Sun," "When A Man Loves a Woman" and "Vaya Con Dios," - the latter a tribute to Les Paul featuring Lexie Roth.

A stunning live set from the Master of the Telecaster!

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